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Does getting older mean forgetting the boundaries of what is considered to be normal behaviour and maintaining decent standards of etiquette?  Well perhaps in my case it does.  Last Sunday I did something I have never done before, and regrettably for me it did not involve anything detailed in the Karma Sutra.

I came home after a day at work, which is not the norm for me on the weekends but circumstances dictated it to be a necessity on this occasion.  I had been thinking deeply on the journey home in the car what I would make myself for dinner and began to look forward, no I would go as far as to claim, to fantasise about my soon to be ready chicken stir fry with noodles.

The Holy Grail for stir frys

The Holy Grail for a stir fry!

Having reached my flat, I then embarked on my usual evening routine which consists of make-up removal and then changing into my fleecy Primani PJ’s together with my furry slippers and oversized dressing gown.  At this point I usually exhale a huge sigh of relief as I enter into a zone of relaxation.  However, in this particular instance my Zen-like state was about to be disrupted by my next discovery.  Upon entering the kitchen ready to cook my extravaganza I opened the cupboard to find NO SOY SAUCE.  A stir fry with no soy sauce is like Tom without Jerry or Ant without Dec!!!

dressing gown

A humble dressing gown hides a multitude of sins

I can honestly say I don’t know what came over me as I have truly never done this before.  I was like a woman possessed and had to have this ingredient so vital to my evening meal.  I pulled on my Ugg boots, grabbed a large woolly scarf and hat, jumped in the car and headed for my Sainsbury’s Local.  Since it was already pitch black outside I couldn’t very well put on my signature sunglasses I wear to hide a sans maquillage face, so had to go out for all the world to see me looking au naturel, not a sight I would wish to inflict on others on a regular basis.  As I was standing in the queue to pay, I was getting more and more twitchy, worrying that someone I knew would see me.  Finally, it was my turn to pay at the till and all I could think of as the Assistant asked me if I had a Nectar card and if I wanted a 5 pence bag was that I am standing in front of this person with no underwear on in my night clothes.  What was I thinking of by going out in public like this????????  Where is my sense of decorum and decency??



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