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My ‘Go – To’ Mantras For Every PA

As part of my training and mentoring of PA’s  I came up with a set of mantras as I like to refer to them, as a way of working and thinking on the job.


When faced with a big decision or a stressful situation I always say to myself ……..

whats the worst







This is the premise for almost every task I carry out for my Boss ………………………..

what would I want


keep it simple


This is my version of KISS, an acronym for “Keep it simple, stupid” which derived from the U.S. Navy back in 1960.

With the sophisticated nature of many IT packages, we can be prone to over complicate many tasks such as filing of documents or coordinating meetings etc.

I keep to the principle that if I get run over by a bus tomorrow someone can step into my size 5’s without a problem and the office will still run smoothly.



This one is self explanatory ……….

never panic



feeling overwhelmed


Lists and timing plans are a MUST in order to feel in control of any big task or project.

Start with the end goal and then plan the steps needed to get there putting a deadline by each.




Only those that do nothing make no mistakes!

a mistake





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