Who am I? Founder of The Private PA, I have spent 20 years in the sector. After almost a decade with corporates, my present role as Private PA to a leading global entrepreneur and industrialist has lasted the same amount.

What’s the story? I want to help you to find the best career you can get. I want to motivate you to go for it. I want to inspire you with my own energy and ambition.

Why do I think I can help you? I am passionate about being a Private PA. It has proved to be my dream job. It is also a wonderful career path, offering unique opportunities to those who can meet the challenge. And I believe that, with my support and advice, this can work for you too.

What is the website? This is a platform for other PA’s, aspiring PA’s and any others to share my story, to get a unique insight into my world, and to find inspiration. If I have managed to fulfil my ambitions, then so can you.

And what comes next? The site aims to be informative, engaging and fun. There are lighter sections: Nikki Loves; My Working Wardrobe; Little Black Book. In the end what matters is you, if what you learn here adds value to your life in and out of the job, then I shall be happy.