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A Call to All Ladies: Check Yourself Before Leaving the Bathroom

Just a quick anecdote which I hope will reinforce to all ladies to check themselves before leaving the bathroom.

It was last Monday that this totally mortifying incident happened.  Around midday I left my office and jumped in my car to park it at the top of the street, all in the name of saving time not laziness!  I only had a small window to run an errand.  I was wearing one of my many midi skirts that are fast becoming my staple for the Autumn, teamed with ankle boots or sneakers and a leather jacket.  As it was a wee bit chilly I decided to wear sheer tights on that fateful day.  There is a point to my sartorial recount which will soon become apparent.  As I sashayed from my bright red Fiat 500 to pass the security guards and police that are stationed at the entrance of the street, they suddenly all started to call my name, they know me personally which makes this all the more embarrassing.  As I turned around one of them pointed to his behind and did a “hand pull-down” motion.


It only took a split second for me to realise he was saving me from universal humiliation by telling me that my skirt was tucked into my tights revealing my backside in all its glory.  I never believed that such incidents happened for real and certainly not to me, but alas it did and I’m still reeling from the effects!  I’m sure I will get over this …… in time ……….. but for now whenever I think of it I literally wince!


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