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What skills and attributes are needed to make a successful Private PA?

I am often asked this question and hence thought I would jot down some pointers, listed below.  No doubt there are many more so feel free to e-mail me your thoughts and I will happily add them!

  • A flexible approach to outside commitments such as pets, partners or houseplants!
  • Pragmatism; there is a solution to every problem. Being resourceful.
  • A yearning to please or having a serving heart

                        Interesting antitheses

  • Having a thick skin or being resilient      

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  • Always looking for new and innovative ways of doing things better/more efficiently
  • Being non-judgemental
  • A great memory
  • Articulate
  • Ability to maintain a professional working relationship with a Principal in a small office environment – NEVER CROSS THE LINE – you are not a friend or relative, you are an employee 


  • Good time management
  • Calm and able to work under pressure, must be unflappable
  • Ability to manage ever-changing schedules and priorities
  • Willing to be contacted on call/after hours
  • Able to adapt to other cultures and customs
  • Familiar with business and social etiquette
  • Self-starter and detail orientated
  • Discreet and trustworthy
  • Clean driver’s licence is always a bonus
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills as you may be liaising with lawyers, accountants, family, friends, colleagues – some of whom will be VIPs or in the public eye
  • Have the courage of your convictions in decision making, often nobody else to consult
  • Knowledge of the industry and key players in your employer’s field of discipline
  • Ability to anticipate needs and plan ahead
  • Tech-savvy to a high standard as often no IT support in smaller offices
  • Superb organisational skills
  • Good writing skills
  • Patience





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