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It’s The Little Things In Life That Make Me Happy

Working for a UHNWI (Ultra High Net Worth Individual) I am witness to a world of great wealth, opulence and privilege.  I am lucky enough in my role as an Assistant to attend amazing events which can be ‘once in a life time’ opportunities, meet the most fascinating people and have experiences that previously I would only have dreamt of.  I’m a lucky girl!  However, I live this life vicariously with no desire or inclination to be a part of it other than in my professional guise.  My best piece of advice to any would-be Private PA is NEVER CROSS THE LINE!

never cross the line

What exactly do I mean by this?  Well, I am conscious that I am an employee, not a friend or family member and hence I am there to fill a specific role as an implementer/problem solver/fixer/keeper of the sacred diary and the list of duties is endless, to summaries, a Jack(ie) Of All Trades & Master Of All    I am not there to ingratiate myself into the social life of my Principal and nor do I have any desire to do so.

Truth be known, I am happiest going home after a day in the office with the following list resulting in me brimming with excitement:

  • A bubble bath surrounded by scented candles

bubble bath

  • A lovely dinner on the sofa watching my favourite box set OR
  • Going out for dinner to an unassuming restaurant, I have a penchant for Asian street food or Nando’s is always a hit with me
  • Immersing myself in a novel, preferably reading in bed

Woman lying in bed while reading a book

  • Catching up with friends on Skype
  • Giving myself a beauty MOT with face-pack whilst painting my nails

face back

Hence it really is the little things in life that make me the happiest and perhaps this is the secret to my success in my role as an Assistant to one of the world’s leading Industrialists.  I don’t try and become a part of his life beyond my role of making his run smoothly.

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